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Consultant in Forensic Communications - CLE Presenter
Jury Selection Process - Jury Questionnaire - Voir Dire
Evidence Presentation - Order of Proof
Witness Analysis - Cross Examination Technique - Polygraph
In U.S. Federal and State Courts. 1972 to the Present.

Educator, Lecturer and Entertainer
Non-Verbal Communications - Handwriting Analysis
Members of Law Enforcement in Interview & Interrogation
Doctors - Lawyers - Teachers - The Business Community
and The General Public. 1973 to the Present.

Forensic Artist & Medical Illustrator
Demonstrative Evidence - Medical Malpractice
3 Dimensional Scale Models - Product Liability
Crime Scene Recreation - Criminal Defense
Computer Animation - Accident Re-Creation
In U.S. Federal and State Courts. 1967 to the Present.

Sculptor [partial listing]
"Julius Caesar" and 8 other life size figures, for
Caesars Palace, Las Vegas , Nevada. 1979
"The Ships of Captain Cook" [Cold-cast bronze] for
The Hotel Captain Cook, Anchorage, Alaska. 1977-8
"Howard Robard Hughes" Aero-Space Achievement Trophy for
The S. California Aero Club, Long Beach, CA 1976-77
"Howard Robard Hughes" Memorial Gold Medallion Series for
The Summa Corporation, Las Vegas , Nevada. 1976-77
"The Last Blue Whale" [30 ft. Cold-cast Bronze and Steel] for
The Carr-Gottstein Building, Anchorage, Alaska. 1972-3
"The People of Alaska" Portrait Series [3 to 8 inch gold castings]
Warburton's Jewelers Anchorage Alaska 1972-3
"Senator Earnest Gruening" for the Democratic Party of
The State of Alaska, Anchorage, Alaska 1968

Jewelry Designer [partial listing]
Playmate of the Year 1978 Debra Jo Fondren for
The Cover of Playboy magazine 1978

Creative Consultant To The State of Alaska
ATS-6 Satellite Project
Educational Television Program Production for
Rural Alaskan Villages. 1971-'74

General Manager
The American Park, EXPO-70, Osaka, Japan 1970

Construction Manager and On-Site Display Designer
The State of Alaska
The State of Washington
The National Aeronautics and Space Administration.
The Government of Canada
The Government of South Korea
The Government of Chekoslovakia
The City of Los Angeles
Coca-Cola International
American Express
Sunkist Growers Inc.
The Mobil Oil Co.
In Preparation for EXPO-70, Osaka, Japan 1969.

Mechanical Animator and Puppeteer
"Turn On", NBC Television Network Comedy Program
Producer George Schlatter
"The Smothers Brother's Show"
Producers Tom & Dick Smothers
Burbank, California. 1968-9

Assistant to the Vice President of Alaska Airlines
Design of Brochures & Flight Schedules
Design and Construction of Passenger Boarding Areas
Ticket Counters, Ticket Offices, & Aircraft Interiors
Anchorage Alaska - Seattle, Washington. 1966-8

Exhibit Designer and Construction Supervisor
"Alaska Native History & Cultural Center" for
the Alaska Purchase Centennial Celebration
Anchorage International Airport, Anchorage, Alaska. 1966-7

Co-Producer and Co-Host
"Breakfast in Bedlam" Live, Morning Television Show
7 AM to 9 AM - 5 Days a week on KTVA Channel 11
CBS for Anchorage, Alaska. 1965-6

Vice President and Creative Director
Alaska Agency Incorporated - Advertising & Public Relations
Anchorage, Alaska. 1965-6

Electronics Engineer [GS-6]
Nike Missile, Microwave Communications System
RCA in Anchorage and Fairbanks, Alaska. 1964-5

Inventor of Record [partial listing]
Portable Testing Unit for the TRW - 133 Computer,
[Polaris Submarine Guidance System]
Mechanical Filter for the Removal of Solder
Holder & Dispenser for Closed-Loop Paper Tape
Pulsed Power Supply, Circuit Design.
Patents held by TRW Canoga Park, California. 1963-4

Electronics Engineer
Polaris Submarine Guidance System Computer for
TRW, Canoga Park, California. 1963-4

Electronics Engineer
Radio & Radar - Maintenance & Repair
United States Navy, Yokosuka, Japan. 1960-3

"English For Millions" Educational Magazine
The Obunsha Publishing Co. Tokyo, Japan. 1961-2.

Instructor's Assistant
Conversational English - Yokosuka Central English School,
Yokosuka, Japan. 1961-2.

Member & Drill Master
United States Naval Electronics School - Precision Drill Team
[California State Champions 1959]
Treasure Island, San Francisco, California. 1959-60.


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