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"To identify the perpetrator,
first know the crime.
Josef Princiotta


All that I am asking is.
Please help us,
do the math.

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In December of 2009 this evidence was presented in Japan.
Richard Gage AIA founder of
Architects & Engineers for 911 Truth
and Josef Princiotta Forensic Communicator, presented evidence of
the planned and controlled distruction of the 3 World Trade Center Towers.
A total of 15 presentations were given in 7 cities during the month.
Special presentations were given to members of the government of Japan.
At the request of Senator Yukihisa Fujita a special presentation was given
in the Diet (The seat of Japanese government) in Tokyo on December 8th.
The Japanese people lost 24 citizens on 9/11.
Senator Fujita requests a Criminal Investigation. We support his position.

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To interest those who are "... not interested" in establishing a new, well funded, open and complete examination of the old and newly discovered evidence surrounding the events of
the Crime of 9/11

To challenge people who may doubt the integrity of
the "9/11 Truth Movement"
To focus on a review of irrefutable evidence from the scene of
the Crime of 9/11
To stay clear of Politics and Premature Conspiracy Theories.
To offer only documented and proven information that will
generate a desire to examine all the evidence.

The Co-Chairs of The 9/11 Commission
Lee Hamilton and Thomas Kean admit
in their book
Chapter One:
" We Were Set Up To Fail."

Set up or not, the fact of their failure is obvious.
We are all victims of The Crime of 9/11. The Commission "Failed".
We deserve a new and complete examination of the Crime of 9/11.

Book Cover photo
Commissioners Admit Failures.
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For a Map of
The Crime Scene

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"The North Tower was 1,368 ft tall.
Free fall time to the ground with no resistance (drag) is approximately 9.25 seconds."

Height / Distance = the N.Y. Port Authority data.
Time = Square root of
(Distance, divided by 16 ).

The North Tower, all 110 floors, "collapsed" in approximately 10 Seconds.
This is approximately 0.09 Sec. Per floor.
Not my numbers, this is from CNN Video - Fox Video -
Even in the 9/11 Commission Report.

North Tower
North Tower 'Dust'
Moving Out At High Speed.

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There were "[...] no fires in the core. "
Bill Manning Editor in chief of Fire Engineering Magazine. F.D.N.Y. Transcripts

The path of greatest resistance would be straight down.
The Core of the Tower was "A Building Within the Building"
47 Steel Columns 12 columns 54" x 22" plus 35 columns 24" x 18"

Aprox. dimensions from Bed Rock to 66th fl. Columns 'taper' as they rise higher.

"[...]over designed to resist hurricane force winds and downward pressure [...]".
They all fell away, striped clean of their sprayed-on asbestos fire proofing,
each column broken apart neatly at its joints, not bent, not melted, not heated.

47 Steel Core Columns
125' x 93' The Core 47 Steel Columns.
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The contents of each floor were pulverized to a powder.
Bodies of the victims were broken into bits and pieces smaller than 1/4 of an inch.
Victim remains have been (mistakenly) used as filler in New York City pot-holes.

"[...] you didn't find a desk [...] a chair [...] a phone [...] a computer
[...] the building collapsed to dust."
F.D.N.Y. First responder working the pile.

110 floors, 206 ft. square (206 x 206 = 42,436 sq. ft.)
Each floor 4 inch thick concrete. (1/3 of a ft.) 110/3 = 37
42,436 x 37 = 1,570,132 cubic feet of concrete.

Over 1.5 Million cu. ft. of concrete
"[...] turned into powder" in 10 seconds.
New York Port Authority
FEMA Report Photography
F.D.N.Y. First responders working the pile.

North Tower grnd Fl
Ground Level North Tower
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DUST over NY
North Tower 'Dust' moving West.
Enlarge View
South Tower Dust
North Tower Dust


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The Pulverized Concrete and Pulverized Office Contents flowed through the streets
and settled on parked cars and trucks.

The Pulverized Office Contents and Pulverized Human Remains,
The "Dust" was so hot that, where it concentrated
it set many cars and trucks on fire.
800 ft. from the tower base.

What is the source of the energy required to raise the temperature
of the Pulverized Office Contents and Pulverized Human Remains to that level?

Burned Cars
Hot Dust Sets Cars On Fire.
800 ft From Tower Base.

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Aerial photos document the size of the damage zone and debris field.

The Towers did NOT collapse into their own footprints. Building 7 did collapse "onto its' own footprint". WTC 7 Debris Field is recorded at 71 feet.

Aerial photo
Looking Down.
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C.S.I. 9/11 Flyer

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Roof damage to the Winter Gardens is 600 feet from the base of the tower.
Aerial photos of the scene.

The Pulverized Office Contents pushed the 4-ton Outer Wall Units out in groups.
Still bolted together in groups 3 and 4 units high, 5 to 7 units wide,
4-Tons each, 25 units in a group, 120 feet high 60 feet wide.
Moving as a single unit indicates the pressure was distributed evenly
across the entire group, to move them out, all at one time.
100 Tons of steel ejected in an instant at speeds near 55 MPH.

This happens in all directions,
all the way to the ground, in 10 seconds.


Material Ejected at 54 MPH
0 to 54 MPH in 0.09 sec.
requires an explosive force.

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Graphic of
the Question

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The roof damage to the Winter Gardens is 600 feet from the base of the tower.
The 4-Ton steel Outer Wall Units from the Sky Lobby level
had 8 seconds to travel the 600 ft.
These 4-Ton Units exited the North Tower at near 55 MPH.

Some force was strong enough to accelerate hundreds of 4-ton steel Outer Wall Units from 0 to over 50 MPH in 0.09 sec. and eject the material over 500 ft. out over Lower Manhattan.

This brief force was present, pushing in all directions, for an average time period of-
Approximately 0.09 sec. on each floor. Every floor. 110 floors.

REMARKABLY This Same Force Pattern was present in The South Tower/Marriott

The Same Force was present at The Same Floor Levels and with The Same Results.

The same pressure wave evidence in both North and South towers.
From the same floor levels, the same wall sections are blown the same distances.

Winter Gardens Roof Damage
Winter Gardens Damage

Details of
Wall Units

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The Pulverized Office Contents and Human Remains (The Dust)
trailed the steel Outer Wall Units as they moved out from the tower.

The Pulverized Office Contents and Pulverized Human Remains (The Dust)
were compressed with force, against the 4-Ton Outer Wall Units
The 'Dust' was pushing outwards with enough force, in all directions,
to move the Wall Units instantly out from the tower at very high speeds.

50-Ton groups of Wall Units 0 to 55MPH in 0.09 sec.
There was very little material within the tower, pushing down.
It was turning into powder as it fell, without slowing down.
The building materials, office equipment and personel,
nearly everything that was inside was moved outside.


4-Ton Outer Wall Units
4-TON Wall Sections.
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Showing 76th fl. level to
Winter Gardens Roof.

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The Pulverized Office Contents, The Pulverized Human Remains, and
The Steel Outer Wall Units land up to 600 feet from the base of the

Pressure was applied outward in all directions, at all levels.
The 'Point of Origin' of this pressure wave is evident.
Photographs and videos.
The 'Point of Origin' is in the center of the core.
FEMA - NBC - CBS - CBC - CNN Video

Debris Field
North Tower Debris Field.
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What is Your source for the energy required
to produce these documented, physical, results?

If you hold to the opinion that "... the airplane ... the jet fuel ... the tremendous heat ... the loss of strength ... the tube in a tube construction ... the pancake effect ... etc"., and you hold to this position because somebody told you so, and if you are not in a profession that provides you the tools to work out this physics problem, then it may be that all you offer is your (someone's) opinion.

I do not wish to debate opinion.

"Debating opinion is
'Chewing Gum' for the mind.
Its taste may be irresistible.
It keeps the jaw moving.
Yet it offers no real nutrition.
Josef Princiotta

If you want tools to help understand the physics of this matter you may find this Crafts Project helpful.

I am taking a more scientific approach. I am not a scientist.
I am asking for any professional, Scientist, Architect or Engineer who :

A. Supports the "NIST - POPULAR MECHANICS CollapseTheory" for the North Tower.
B. Does not support the "NIST - POPULAR MECHANICS Collalpse Theory" for the North Tower.

Please - Sir or Madam, Architect or Engineer
Please "Help us, do the math".

Show, scientifically, your understanding of the energy necessary to generate the above documented events.

A Set of Exhibits A - B - C - D - E - F - G - H - I - J - K is available for viewing and to download.
A smaller set of all 11 Exhibits, ready to print in Letter size, is available HERE

If you know of any proof for your position please lead us to it.
Particularly to the professional men and women listed below,
I respectfully extend this request for your assistance in understanding the meaning of this evidence from the scene of the Crime of 9/11/01.

Any Representative from the firm of:
Skidmore Owings and Merrill (SOM)


WTC Chief Engineer Leslie E. Robertson, BSc, PE, CE, SE, DSc, DEng, NAE, FASCE, AIJ, JSCA, AGIR

Any WTC Engineer

Any WTC Architect

B.J. Novitski managing editor of ArchitectureWeek.


S. Shyam Sunder The lead investigator for the N.I.S.T.
Federal building and fire safety investigation of the World Trade Center disaster.

It should be noted here that Mr. Sunder and his organization
The National Institute of Standards and Technology has been forced to admit
"[...]Free Fall Acceleration[...]" with regard to the destruction of the 47 story Building 7.
This fact raises serious questions as to the veracity of the entire N.I.S.T. Report.

Here are some answers.
Dr. Terry Morrone Professor Emeritus of Physics, Adeldhi University.
NOTE Dr Morrone HAS done the math and he does NOT support the Popular Mechanics theory.
Thank you Dr Morrone for this mathematical proof.

My thanks to Dr. Rob Lang Dean School of Engineering, UAA
for reviewing this work and concluding that :
"[...] the Projectile Mechanics presented here are correct.".

Now the question is:
- What was the source of that proven energy?

Whether you support my position, or you oppose it,
I am always available for an honest, open discussion.
No conspiracy theories, please. Keep hypothetical opinions brief.

.Josef Princiotta

For reliable 9/11 information, I recommend you start with these sites. www.Patriots Question www.Journal of

An abundance of important additional material is available on the Web.
Sadly it is often a mix of some facts and much opinion
and what might be called
Politically Motivated Wishful Thinking.

"To identify the perpetrator, first know the crime."

Please send Your Answers or Your Questions,
Your Ideas and/or Your Comments to:

Josef Princiotta C.S.I. 9/11

In Memory of:

Vincent Princiotta F.D.N.Y.
Engine 16, Ladder 7
Killed on 9/11/01
Sal J. Princiotta F.D.N.Y.
Engine 33, Ladder 9
Killed on 5/1/07